MysteryHack WiFi Fox Hunt

What is Foxhunting?

Looking for the physical location of wireless emitters by measuring the received power from different locations. We suggest reading SimonJ's "Practical Foxhunting 101" talk pdf.

Winner Rewards

Satisfaction of being able to find the foxes will be the main reward, BUT that's not all... We'll be giving stickers to everyone that gets a point and some special prizes for the first player that finds all of them (one for each conference day winner)!

How to Participate?

First contact anyone from the MysteryHack Assembly so you can be added to the list. We'll ask for a nickname, a way to contact you (dect, social media, chaos post, pigeon number, etc) and a secret key to verify your identity (any weird thing you want and will remember later). Once you're registered you can start looking for the foxes, and once you find them you'll know what happens :)

The small green dot () indicates whether the fox is online or not (don't look for the ones without it). This status is updated every 5 minutes.

Player Scoreboard